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Ethics and responsibility

The economy cannot be more important than the planet and humanity.

Although we prefer that our style and the quality of our creations speak for us, it is crucial to recognize that the textile industry is one of the most polluting and cruel on a global level. Therefore, it is vital to underline our commitment to disproportion.

Beyond using organic fabrics and materials, we take an approach to limited edition productions. This conscious strategy allows us to prevent overproduction and, as a direct result, reduce textile waste. We believe that there is no garment more sustainable than one that is not produced.

Committed to social justice, we defend living wages that promote prosperous and happy lives.

Our commitment transcends personal enrichment; We are part of a business network that promotes a textile industry that is fair to people and respectful of the environment.


We use quality materials, healthy and free of toxic components.


We produce limited edition garments in family workshops in Galicia.


Committed to creating a positive impact throughout the value chain.